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Shelby Lynne R - 2011-09-27
Hello I have had a lot of fish in my day. I love them but my cichlid is awesome but very aggresive. I want to get a fire eel again. I'm wondering if that would be a bad idea with my cichlid being so aggresive it seems like I can't put any other fish with it because its so mean. I dont want to get rid of it its beautiful but I really want an eel again in a 75 gallon fish tank do you think they would do ok?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-28
    From what I gather, you have a convict cichlid CONVICT CICHLID and they are pretty agressive and territorial. The Animal World infor says you should be fine with other somewhat agressive fish that can hold their own but they should be about the same size. If one can fit in the others mouth then they do. Read the article attached though. OK?
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-28
    I was thinking and I got to wondering why you just wouldn't get another cichlid? My human had cichlids and she loved them. They were interesting. They built tunnels and cubbies out of the gravel and then she would re arange the tank and they would start again. They would come to surface and chase her finger or come when she tapped the side of the tank. Why not another cichlids. Humble opinion of my human - as eels just don't have the same persaonlaity. Try another cichlid - same kind and that would be a gorgeous tank. Get the opposite sex or even if you have a male - get two females. Make sure about the same size - back to the mouth thing. Then the cichlid has a friend - someone like itself - and you have a more interesting tank. Just a thought from my human.
  • Shelby Lynne R - 2011-10-06
    I would like another convict cichlid but I'm really into eels do you think a fire eel would be ok with my convict cichlid?
  • fish_are_awesome - 2011-10-15
    The fire eel is peaceful while the convict cichlid is aggresive, a 75 gallon tank is a good size. If the fire eel is considerably larger than the cichlid than the combo might be OK. :)
  • Lesa - 2017-09-20
    Hi, I love Fire Eels, in the past have had convict cichlids with mating pair, I worked for me, have done in in 55 gal, and 100 gal. tanks, the most important thing I found for it working was having several different places in the tank for eels and convicts to hide, I tried to build 5 or 6 hiding holes and tubes, some the eels could get in, and not cichlids, and others the cichlids liked, more small flower pots, used big mouth beer bottles buried, rock and aqua wood, and pvc pipes buried hope this helps.
  • Wolfman­čÉ║ - 2020-02-09
    Well as for me what I would do is put a pair of Bartrams bass,3 pumpkinseed sunfish, 2 medium size loach catfish and 1 single male pink convict cichlid. They will all be in a long 20 gallon tank.
  • Wolfman­čÉ║ - 2020-02-21
    Thats why I Would keep a single male [BARTRAMS BASS FISH]wich has a small mouth and gets only 5-16' he will be in a long long long long long long wide 40gallon tank Caring for his fry. with 4 blue spotted sunfish,2 male blue botia loach catfish,and 1 single male pink convict cichlid.
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Wolfman­čÉ║ - 2020-02-19
As I said and I meant what I said a male blackbelt cichlid should be in the tank with a male (largemouth bass) to keep the male blackbelt cichlid in line

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Dave - 2020-02-17
My gold gourami started nipping the fins of my Goider River Rainbowfish this morning. The rainbow fish lost balance and started swimming erraticly. It looks like he/she will be okay. He/she is recovering nicely since I took the Gold Gourami out.

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Gladys - 2020-02-12
Ummmmmmmmm.... This animal is illegal to keep as a pet/breed. It is threatend and you can

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  • Christoph - 2021-03-04
    That's a pitty. I purchased a large group of 20 individuals. Males and females - I divided them into breeding groups and put them in 4 large tanks. I live in Vienna, Austria - so they are not native here and therefore it is legal, to keep them.
    But if you are able to buy captive bred indiviuals with all the paper works, it should be legal in the United States, to keep and breed them.
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Jan Eley - 2016-08-15
My Humphead Glassfish died yesterday after having him for 4 years. I live in Ohio. Does anyone know of a fish store that sells or overnight ships these fish?

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  • Anonymous - 2020-02-11
    Some Petco stores have them. Just bought a second one today. They are pricey 24.99 but I like unique looking fish
  • Frank L. - 2019-01-08 has the Humphead Glassfish on sale.
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marie - 2012-05-27
I have 2 tanks 1 is a 10 gallon tank that has a pink convict (female) and striped (male) they are small. Will they breed with them being different types of convicts?

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  • Anonymous - 2012-05-28
    I would think they will most likely breed.
  • Anonymous - 2015-08-14
    What I'm going to do is breed a pair of auratus cichlids and get 1 male pink convict cichlid
  • Anonymous - 2015-08-24
    You should put your convict cichlid with a pair of warmouth bass sunfish.
  • Anonymous - 2015-08-24
    Yes they will breed but when adults I would advise you to keep them with warmouth bass sunfish.
  • Anonymous - 2015-08-29
    the fact that they are two different types is not they might not breed you need a bigger tank for cichlids. At lest 50 gallons
  • Anonymous - 2015-11-01
    I have 2 green sunfish one male one female and a male red ear sunfish my male green sunfish rules the tank he chases the female green sunfish I'm hopeing her and my red ear sunfish will breed. He even beat up my firemouth cichlid and killed my jellybean cichlid and I got a convict cichlid I wanted to get a male but I got a female cause the fish manager can't tell the male from the I got it and I think my green sunfish killed it.
AJ - 2016-07-15
My convict cichilds( one male and one female) Size almost 2.5 inches they act like they breed all day digging the aquarium rocks and attack my other fish like banana cichild and angel fish .my question is can they breed at this time or they became mature so they breed

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  • Anonymous - 2016-10-08
    they can breed at any age , but you better make sure your other fish are big enough.the convicts well get very mean soon .
Ben - 2011-07-03
Are Convict Cichlids compatible with Firemouth Cichlids. I have a pair of Firemouths along with some various livebearers (they provide food every so often) in a 55 gallon Central American themed fish tank. It is planted with some sagittaria subulata, ludwiga repens and an impressive Echinodorus cordifolius. Would a male/female pair of convicts work in this set up? Thanks.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2011-07-03
    This combination could work fine in a large enough aquarium and with plenty of places to hide. However, by putting in a convict pair, this creates a breeding situation and could lead to them becoming very aggressive. The firemouths get pretty large and need a lot of room, and with adding a pair of convicts this would dictate needing even more room. Also, if you added all of these fish together as juveniles (1 inch long) they would probably do better in the long run than if they are introduced as adults because they would not already have territories set up.
Roberta Gray - 2008-07-11
I have 2 convict cichlids. They have had babies twice and I think they are ready to have them again. I now have two 10 gallon aquariums full of baby convict cichilids. I was going to use them to feed my daughter's piranha, but after reading the comment from Anonymous on 3-17-2008, it may not be a good idea.
I have no clue what to do with what looks like 150 babies. I do believe I will be separating Mommy and Daddy. I wonder if they will kill other fish...

Cypher - 2010-12-03
I recently purchased 4 convicts from my local pet store and brought them home and put them in my tank with my Jack Dempsey, Green Terror, Tiger Oscars, Bala Sharks, Pleco, Dinofish, and eels and after a few weeks I noticed a cloud around a pair of the convicts. Upon closer inspection I noticed a lot of small fry. Now the parents claimed the middle of the tank as their territory and they have driven everything out around that area. Which is funny to me since the Convicts are the smallest fish in the tank.

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  • Community Disorganizer - 2011-05-13
    Yea, convicts have an excellent sense of parenting skills. They will fight any fish to the death if they get near their nest. I've seen a pair hold off a few piranhas already!
  • Samuel - 2011-07-08
    Be carefull, because they could kill your other fish if they where smaller. So if the Convicts grow they could or more likey would kill your other fish to protect their young.
  • joel - 2012-04-22
    Convicts are of the more aggressive cichlids despite size, breeding or not, and they will breed often. Watch that they don't pick on slower less aggressive like the oscar for example.
  • Edward - 2012-05-07
    I bought a pair of convicts too and separated them into two tanks. The adult male happily co-exists with clown loaches and mollies. Maybe I have a really tame convict but splitting them up turns them docile.
  • tom - 2012-05-12
    i have bout 15 cichlids in my 5 foot tank and I had a 8 inch silver shark the silver shark lasted 4 hours b4 he was nearly dead so I had to put him in my 3 foot tank with my baby cichlids till I can rehome him but the only fish that is ok with mine is a large pleco bout 11 inches long

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