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Ankit - 2012-03-11
I have an experience of keeping various freshwater fishes, for 13+yrs.. But never had the luck of keeping a pair of spotted scat alive for more than a week.. Presently I have 3 tanks. I bought a pair of scats today. But am scared and sad as I don't want to kill or hurt the fishes.. The local LFS suggested that I should try separating the scats in a salty water and then later introduce them in the main tank. Somebody kindly help me out..

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-03-11
    One issue with Spotted Scats is you really need to know the environment that they were raised in. It is not always the same as what the pet store has them housed in. If you can get them straight from the source you will have much better guy.
  • Katy Singleton - 2012-03-24
    I got one without knowing what it was.. initially it was fine, then it started languishing. I noticed it was crazy about freeze dried worms, so I tried live blood worms and we have not looked back. Two years and counting, and my red scat is 4 inches. Now I am worried that soon I'll have to get rid of it, because I only have a 10 gallon tank. It i;s a friendly little thing, acts likea dog at feeding time, nose pressed against the glass, wagging it's tail (I'm not kidding). So that's my advice, some live worms every day. Expensive !
  • ben - 2013-10-30
    I bought 1 a long time ago he got pretty big and I just set up a tank an no pet shop near me can get them but turns out I can catch them in the river its brackish I caught 1 red scat and at the beach I caught a silver 1 an converted it back to fresh
  • Gregg Weeks - 2019-10-02
    I've had my red scat sin brackish water for about three months I just moved them to full Marine aquarium but about 30 days ago,they seem much happier I thought I was going to lose them but they really love the saltwater!
Balvindersingh Suacharia - 2015-08-08
I want to buy scat fish..  All indifferent colours. 

Im from india.  Plz mail me. 

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  • Gregg Weeks - 2019-10-02
    I am in Seattle Washington there's a great store here that has a huge variety of reds and greens scats.
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zoeb - 2019-06-05
I bought a new tank(Dimension:-L24"X B12"X H14") Kept 8 guppies , 15 neon tetras and 4 Zebra Danios, total fishes were 27, i made a water change on the very next day by adding water to bucket and putting antichlorine and later after 30 min, putting the water in the tank. the 3rd day was a death day , 1 guppy died and then till today ie:- the 7 day , im just left with 8 fishes. initially i was suspecting my filter , then the water, now im left with no guppies, 2 zebra danios and 6 neon tetras.

Ive been investigating what i did wrong, ive seen that 1 zebra danios keeps on chasing other neons and even nipping.

i wonder if water was the problem or zebra danios was the reason or both..

do zebra danios even attack guppies

the chasing zebra seems twice the size of any other fish in the tank.

please help

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  • Dave - 2019-06-05
    More than likely the aquarium was not cycled. How long has it been set up? you should run the filters for about 6 weeks with only a couple of hardy fish in order for the bio-filter to establish itself.
  • Robert - 2019-09-15
    Zebras are very hardy and top surface fish can even be kept in cold water they always fast moving and i guess they need some good swim space - they should be in a shoal - neon's are more middle of the tank and also shoal fish - they need accurate temperature and the water needs to be right - changing water just a day after you introduced new fish is no good - means you changed them twice in short time and that can be hard for any fish to adjust. i never had Zebras doing any harm to any other fish. still must have nice 'furniture' in the tank so any fish got a chance to hide away from each other
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cichlid freak - 2012-07-18
i have a pike cihlid and he wll eat anything that fits in his mouth. It's a 55 gallon tank he is in

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-19
    That is pretty typical of many fish.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-07-19
    Most cichlids will do that!
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Nicki - 2019-09-07
Hi I think all the information on Glowlight danios (danio Choprae) is flawed. I bought 2 of these in spring 2013 to create a mixed danio school to go with a tank of platys. Over the years the other danios slowly died off (pearl, leopard, albino/normal zebra danios) and at 5.5 years after purchase the breeding pair of danio choprae were looking a little lonely and becoming territorial. I added some more of their species to give them a proper school and they went back to their normal behaviour of chasing other danios. I think the old male couldn't out-compete the juveniles as they matured and became interested in the old female and he gave up at 6 years old. My female is still going strong at 6.5 years old. Oh and they have been about the same length as the platys for some years now. The female is the longer but the male was about 2'/5 cm and she is 5.5 cm

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Oliver - 2019-01-19
Hi there, I've recently gotten a golden dojo loach from an extremely dirty tank and was previously housed with two goldfish. The current setup for her tank is now completely clean. It is a 5 gallon tank, with a cleaned filter as well as a fresh filter, a bubbler/airstone, two fake plants, and very soft, fine sand. She is the only fish right now. We would like to get her company, but only until she is healthier and not stressed out by an addition to her evironment. Her back end was floating up a lot, indicating swim bladder disease. She would wedge herself between the plants to keep from floating. Already, in 24 hours in this cleaned envIronman, her back end floating has reduced significantly. She definitely has an appetite. We give her sinking wafers, and she destroys them. I'm worried she may be constipated, though. With her eating her wafers very quickly and coming from a tank with severe detritis, I'm wondering if constipation could also be contributing to her back end floating. In the past, I have treated goldfish for constipation in our 'fish hospital' with cycles of clean water and small amounts of Epsom salt. Is this safe for loaches? Additionally, while she has a good appetite, she looks a bit thin, and her sides appear to have very slight lumps. Nothing huge, just very slightly. I'm worried she may have 'skinny disease,' which I do not know how to treat. She has also lost a lot of her original golden color from poor health, and I'd like to restore that in her. I have read from one source that it can be good to cleanse a bloated loach by fasting it for 3 to 4 days to stop food intake, then feed it a piece of a soft, shelled pea, to help clean out the system. However, I have only read this from one source, so I'm wondering if this is safe? She isn't incredibly active. She is to feed, and that's it. I know there haven't been any storms coming up, and she doesn't have any loaches to play with. We keep her on a regular day and night schedule, and the tank is around 72-74F. I've read that loaches can 'lounge.' She likes to wedge herself vertically in the plants or drape herself across the branches and just...lay like that. It's like she plays dead. There's been many times where we've thought she's dead, only to have her activated when we check. Is this normal behavior? Sorry it's so long, wanted to be thourough! Thanks for any help

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  • Stevie - 2019-09-01
    As much as I wish I could help you with all the issues, I can only tell you that I have 2 beautiful 10” Dojo’s and yes they do hang vertically and constantly play dead including turning upside down, bowing in half and then slowly falling to the bottom at which time they take off like torpedos playing.
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Avery - 2019-08-27
I have three zodiac loaches and once they get used to the tank they come out more and are really fun to watch.

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gilles - 2019-08-17
i received 2 maingano, a male and a female, could be from the same batch (brother and sister) i had too seperate them cause she was being pursued all the time, like he was trying too get rid of her....? at first i thought it must be two male, but no it is a male and a female.
Should i try joining them in the same aquarium again, i would love it if they breed.
Any sugestion...?

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I want to sell my two iridecent sharks from jharkhand india

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  • Anonymous - 2019-08-16
    Can u send it to Nigeria because I'm willing to buy them
Teresa - 2017-11-17
I have a shark I’m giving away for free it’s about a foot long.

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  • Maddie - 2017-11-20
    Hi, could you email me some pictures of your shark and give me some info on his species, temperament, tank mates, food, and age?
  • Dale Langston - 2018-04-22
    Hello Teresa you still have your shark?
  • Anonymous - 2019-08-16
    Do you still have the sharks. I'm willing to have them. Thanks

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