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fish_are_awesome - 2011-10-16
I am interested in breeding a pair of convicts. How big of a tank would I need and can I house any other fish with them? Thanks.

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  • fish_are_awesome - 2011-10-17
    Thanks! So no other fish with them then?
  • Wolfman🐺 - 2020-02-28
    Yeah but they would have to be more aggressive then them. As for me i will house a male [BARTRAMS BASSFISH] the only get 5-16' 😁👍
  • Wolfman🐺 - 2020-03-04
    Yeah but it would have to be [BARTRAMS BASS FISH]😁👍. Oh and watch out for werewolves
Anonymous - 2008-03-17
My dad had a pink convict and a piranha in the same tank and the convict killed the piranha. They will take on fish way bigger than themselves. They bad!

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  • Wolfman🐺 - 2020-02-28
    Thats why I'm putting a single male pink convict cichlid with a already bred [BARTRAMS BASSFISH] with his babies they only get 5 to 16' but they will beat the hell out of the male pink convict. I will have then in a long 40gallon tank.😁👍
stephaun - 2009-05-15
My name is Stephaun. I am 13 years old and I love to keep cichlids. I currently have 3 tanks. One 75 gallon that houses one male Red Devil, also a 300 gallon tank with one Red Devil, two Flowerhorn, one Buttikoferi, one Clown Knife fish, and two large Plecostomus. The last but not least tank I have is a 55 gallon tank with two breeding pairs of Convict Cichlids. I love cichlids and I will continue to love them forever.

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  • Wolfman🐺 - 2020-02-28
L-One - 2009-05-27
I bought a pink Convict male and a Zebra(stripped) female. within a week I had about 40 babies. Its been about 2 months and some of my babies are about ! half to 2 inches long. One fish especially sticks out from the rest i call him D-Bo( from the movie FRIDAY) He is a monster. Im just trying to fing my best femals and males to try and start the process over again in a seperate tank. All my babies were born with Stipes. I was a lil Mad but some are very light in color while other like D-Bo are daarkish. How can i tell the difference in males and females besides their size. i think i have some big females too and i want to choose them for breeding. They all have long Dorsal fins and cant make out their underbelly fins yet. Any one out there to HELP! Time is running out.

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  • five barred - 2011-03-21
    if you look the ones that have long dorsol fins are males the ones that have a slight of a pointed fin is a male.
  • Wolfman🐺 - 2020-02-28
    Well if any of them get red on the belly is female if it doesn't and it just has long fin trail its male 😁👍
Tiara - 2012-04-15
I'm interested in breeding a pair of covicts. I have a 6-inch male,1.5-inch male and 1.5-inch female. My female is read to breed and she keeps following the 6-inch male ,would the big male convict kill her and how long will it take for them to pair?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-15
    The two should be fine. How old is the female? May not be sexually matured yet.
  • Tiara - 2012-04-15
    The female is about 8 months and is sexaully mature
  • Wolfman🐺 - 2020-02-28
    No not long they will have babies
Mong Chebulkivava - 2011-03-31
Convict cichlids are a nasty cichlid. Their bite hurts and they hurt my expensive and beloved fish. They are colorful but dangerous to the lives of other fish.

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  • Wolfman🐺 - 2020-02-28
    Yeah but he wont hurt a male [BARTRAMS BASSFISH] with his fry. The convict will get beatup😁😁👍👍
Tristan - 2012-02-12
I bought 2 convict cichlids 2 weeks ago and I don't know how to tell male and female but they are not fighting. They are with 2 green terros and a pair of rainbow cichlids in a 3ft tank which have been living in that tank for 2 years. Would my convict cichlids cause any problems in the tank?

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  • Tristan - 2012-02-16
    But they are not aggresive to each other. Both the convivts are being aggresive to the other tank occupants.
  • Tristan - 2012-02-15
    But I am having difficulty sexing them because they both are quite big and both seem to have pointed tips. But both have no yellow or orange colour on their bellys.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-02-15
    Tristan- How old are the Convicts? Normally it takes 5 to 6 months for the orange to show up on the belly. If they are yet that old maybe wait a month or two to see if the color shows up. If it does not I would get two females. In the meantime if they start getting aggressive it helps to rearrange to rearrange their tank often to keep them busy building their territory.
  • Alex Burleson - 2012-02-13
    Convicts, if they become a mated pair, could pose issues to the aquarium. However, in my personal experience, I have kept Rainbow Cichlids with Convict Cichlids even as a breeding pair, and I find that as long as the Convict Cichlids have ample room, then everything will be balanced.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-02-14
    Normally the females will have a fatter belly with some orange to the belly.
  • joel - 2012-04-22
    Male convicts also begin to have a bigger bulky forehead, with not as 'bright' coloring. Hope that helps.
  • Wolfman🐺 - 2020-02-28
    I had a pair of green terror cichlids with a single male convict cichlid and he beat them both up. So this I'm I will put a single male pink convict cichlid with a male [BARTRAMS BASS] Caring for his fry he only gets 5-16' but he will keep the male pink convict cichlid in check.
Tom Pietruszka - 2009-11-07
I have had Pink Convict Cichlids (in my classroom for the multiply handicapped) for many, many years. I have around a dozen of them in a 125 gallon tank... and they periodically have babies, which I give away to staff or give away (without charge) to a local pet store. Many of the Pink Convicts in our class are quite old... they've been doing well for many years and are very long lived. Some of the older males have the nuchal humps that many cichlid species get when they become elderly. At home I also have a 125 gallon tank of Pink Convicts. I also have a tank with some of the regular colored Convicts. It seems to me that the Pinks are more friendly and gregarious (toward me) than is the regular color type. Also it seems that the Pinks (an almost albino, leucistic variety) are less aggressive to each other than is the wild type. I've had all kinds of cichlids, from discus to Angels to Africans... but one cannot beat the Convicts for sociable interaction with the keeper, interesting breeding behaviors, and longevity; they are underrated!

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  • jose - 2011-07-11
    May I have some to breed of myself? Please.
  • Wolfman🐺 - 2020-02-26
    Thats good I hope they have lots and lots and lots and lots of fun with the convict cichlids. 😁
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chris - 2020-02-26
i have 8 tropheus duboisi maswa(so im told) they are 1 to 1.5 inch, light blue dotts all over, and have a blue mask,. from mouth to eyes. looks like they a waring a light blue sergical mask! starting to change colour, larger ones are getting a yellow stripe, band, just behing gills. i dont see ' many' pictures on line sporting the mask! are theses different,wild, maybe crossed, or something?

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Lii W - 2020-02-24
10 gallons is a sure way to stunt growth and they grow up to 10 inches. Misleading, and harmful to these beautiful fish.

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  • Anonymous - 2020-02-25
    Agreed... the page has been changed to reflect the larger size of the fish as well as the aquarium size.

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