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Chloe - 2009-08-16
This is an awesome looking dragon!!!

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  • Isaiah - 2010-10-22
    Get one!
  • Pacquaio - 2011-02-16
    Well am really happy to let you know I still have dragon available now for sale, so please if you are really interested in them you may call or contact me back for more details and photos okay.
zoin - 2010-10-22
My bearde is biting, help me!

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  • justin - 2010-11-29
    Don't feed him or her in the natural tank he or she lives in.
Darcie Darbyshire - 2010-11-07
We think our bearded dragon is egg bound, after laying two eggs she has become very lethargic. She is sitting in a warm water bath now. Is there anything else we can do?
Thank you.

joan - 2010-10-23

Cathy - 2010-02-24
I have read a lot about beardies and no one has mentioned the water. There is so much in our tap water. I filter her water my self every day. Buying water, I am still not sure what we are getting. Just a thought to pass along.

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  • Wanda - 2010-03-29
    Thank you that's a good idea I haven't thought of that!
  • jesse - 2010-06-01
    I have read a lot about the beardies and like you have had a tremendous amount of questions. as far as water I have found that a dish full of water works for my dragon. He will actually drink from the dish from time to time. However what works the best for me is either spraying do the hot side of the tank and the dragon. It coats him with the water and then he will lap it up from either the climbing wood or slate thats in the tank or from the falling droplets off of the foliage. I also give him a bath once a week and all of this seems to hydrate him wonderfully.
  • Isaiah - 2010-10-08
    I love beardys! I have one his name is Spike! Good luck!
Kelly - 2010-09-12
My beardie is 2 years old and having trouble for the past 6 months catching his food. Even barely moving waxworms seem "unreachable." He stands and cocks his head, but when lunging he is too far away, misses and keeps trying to no avail. What's his problem? Is he lazy, or maybe have poor eyesight?

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  • julie - 2010-09-23
    Hi, how old is your uv light, it could be that as they need appropriate uv to see correctly. Hope this helps, you should also renew uv lights every 6 months if strip lights and 12 months if compact mercury vapour lamps.
Lisa Sanchez - 2010-07-25
My female bearded dragon is 3 months old and is getting bigger by the minute; she eats shredded sweet potatoes, crickets and meal worms. My question is why is her poop so big? I was looking at other bearded dragons and there were no large poops in the tank. I have two in the same tank and they both take very large poops. Are they sick? Poop is dark, green and white...kind of gross but with pets this is always the best indicator. New at this need some answers.

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  • Viv - 2010-08-30
    Just got our first dragon ourselves and was surprised at the size of his droppings but have been assured by several people that large appetite and aftermath are perfectly normal until 12 - 18 months.
Rich - 2010-08-03
Do bearded dragons have aggression or bite I'm interested in one.

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  • Nick - 2010-08-16
    As with any animal, it is possible, they do have lots of little teeth. I have a 2y/o Beardie now, and he is incredibly tame. Not sure if i's the same with all beardies, but certainly mine eats initially with his tongue...... So even if he were to confuse my fingers with some kind of food, he just sticks out his tongue to try and bring the food into his mouth. Never bitten anything/anyone. Very friendly. Hope this helps.
ann - 2010-08-08
I would like to know if you can get some sort of food to leave in the vivarium when on holiday, I have people who will come in but not everyday, and wonder if I can get anything like food blocks like you get for fish?

Skot - 2010-07-12
Hello! Help! We've had a bearded dragon for about 10 days now that we got from a friend. He's been fun and interesting, but I have noticed something I had not before, and I don't know if what I am seeing is normal or some ailment.

He began shedding some skin along his hind legs, which seemed normal, but today when I kind of looked underneath him I saw a line of raised bumps, quite large, almost like pustules, along his hind legs, almost from knee to knee. Does anyone have any idea what these are? I know there are glands that the males have--is this what I am seeing?

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-07-19
    In sexually mature male lizards, secondary sexual characteristics develop. One of these characteristics are enlarged preanal and femoral pores. The femoral pores run in a line along the inner base of the leg from the knee to the tail. It sounds like this is what you are seeing.

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