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   Muntjac Deer, frequently called Barking Deer, are the oldest known deer dating back before pre-historic times.
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Heena - 2017-05-07
Hi, I am looking to purchase a Munjtac dear. If anyone has any for sale could you kindly contact me on

Mandy Honaker - 2016-12-24
Most of these sellers posts are from 2011.I am definitely interested in possibly purchasing a male and female and am jest doing some research before I make a decision bc I want to be able to give them the best life possible.

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  • Adele Marsh Olmetti - 2016-12-24   They breed them, but only for Florida residents who must pick them up, I believe.  They might know of other contacts in your area.
lux pat - 2010-01-05
I am happy to visit your site. I just want to inform members that, I have muntjac leaf dear for sale. You can contact via

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  • Alicia - 2016-09-17
    Do hi I have Ny deer available?
  • Alicia - 2016-09-17
    Hi - can you please email me the specifics at Looking forward to hearing from you.
Alicia - 2016-09-17
Hi. We're a loving Ohio family of 11. (5 humans), 3 cats, 2 dogs and one ginneu pig and we are looking to add a baby deer to our family. We are an animal family that actively rescues animals in need of a loving, safe home and recently lost our black lab Clyde, who we adopted from a no kill shelter. Clyde lived in that shelter for nine years and for the year and a half that he lived with us he was pure joy. For as long as I can remember I'be always been faciinated and in love with deers. Every summer we travels to Sandusky, Ohio where they have a deer park. I can literally sit there for hours and hours watching the babies and the larger deer. Without being overly dramatic, being blessed with the opportunity to make a baby dear a part of our family would make my life complete. If there's anyone out there that has a baby deer for sale or knows of someone that does, please feel free to give them my personal contact information at Hoosesconsulting@ Thank you very much and God bless.

Mary Lou - 2016-07-30
I currently have a 10 year old muntjac, she has some loss of hair since i moved her to the city, starts out as pink bald patches then they darken, looks like she is itching a lot1717. I also would like to know what is the best diet for her.

Nikki - 2012-02-02
Hi I'm looking for a muntjac deer fawn but I live in Australia I can't seem to find any info about breeders or buying can anyone help me I really want one

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  • James Stewart - 2012-05-01
    Hello 'Nikki' I too am looking for a leaf muntjac deer. I am in Brisbane. Perhaps we could help each other? I am happy to share any information I get with you if you will do the same. Maybe two heads are better than one? If not that is ok and I wish you luck.Thanks for your time. James
  • Jasu - 2012-06-12
    Shannon - Awwww ..they are so cute and GREAT photos! If you ever have any manx kittnes let me know .I may have to break my the hotel is full status They are so lucky to be with you guys! ShannonMay 11, 2010 7:47 am
  • Sue - 2012-09-15
    Any news on the little Muntjac? We are in SA and would love to keep some here.
  • natasha - 2016-04-21
    Hi guys, I'm in Toowoomba QLD and looking for a baby female Leaf Muntjac. I know was approached by someone claiming to be in NT and a breeder but were very pushy didn't send authentic pics and suspect a scammer. Any news on a breeder or someone able to import I'd be very keen to know.
Jennie - 2015-09-19
I would love to have one of these little guys. I live in California and heard we cant have them? Not sure if thats true.....I live on a ranch and would take great care of it!!

Jeff Oliver - 2008-01-24
I do breed these deer. Anyone interested can email me at:

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  • miegen - 2010-03-15
    hi im not that interested in deer breeding im just wondering where the muntjac deer comes from?
  • Dave B - 2010-03-15
    Originally they came from Southeast Asia and China. They have been introduced to England as well as Florida more recently.
  • Jeff - 2010-03-30
    How much do they cost and are they legal in Montana?
  • Lee Tomlinson - 2010-04-18
    Hi Jeff,

    I'm interested in farming deer (small hold).

    Would you be interested in giving me some advice?
  • greg - 2010-04-24
    What is your price for a female deer?
  • Giulio Ledda - 2010-10-13
    Interested in a pair of deer, would like to know when they are available, price and location. Thanks.
  • Coral Zack - 2010-12-28
    I am very interested in getting a pair of them, if you could either e-mail me at or give me a call at 231-873-1242. Thanks so much.
  • Rick - 2011-01-15
    We are Interested in a Munjac deer if you could sent more info. What would be the cost if a Munjac deer? We live in Atlanta ga and would love to acquire a Munjac deer as a pet.
  • Pam Grant - 2011-02-22
    Are you located near Jacksonville, FL?
  • Patti - 2011-03-29
    I am just starting to look at the muntjac deer. Can you give me some idea about what a female would cost so I have some idea when I am looking. THANKS
  • Sam Hagen - 2011-12-13
    Hi Jeff,
    So what is your opinion on deer as pets and what are your prices?
    Thank You,
    Sam Hagen
  • Alyssa - 2015-05-01
    Do you know where I can get some of these? I live in Michigan and how much?
Clay - 2015-04-15
we would love to purchase a Muntjac deer. We live in Spring Texas with our dogs cats turtle and tortoise. We want to expand our family to include one of these precious creatures. This would be the baby's forever home. we are not interested in breeding, just loving and caring for one. We believe if you cant afford a vet ,you cant afford a pet as all of our babies are well cared for well loved. we have the room on our property and in our hearts we will drive wherever to come get one.

April - 2015-01-31
Looking for any gender Muntjac Deer for sale in CANADA. If you happen to have any, please contact:

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  • Huwaida - 2015-02-22
    Hi am in kuwait and i know ther is some jMuntjac deer for sall here, but they all maillsd.
  • Barbara Bosanko - 2015-03-12
    Hello, I live in North Georgia, I have a male Muntjac. Looking for female. I have USDA License and DNR License. Thanks Babara