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The pretty Tomato Clownfish is a tenacious anemonefish, both in durability and its attitude!
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Thomas - 2017-08-23
Hi, just want to add something about this fish life span.
I bought two young Amphiprion frenatus early 1988. After a while they turned into male and female. The produced eggs some times, but no larvae survived due to other fish in tank, I presume.
The male died after just 10 years or so.
But, today, the female is still alive. Soon turning 30 years !
As I have been told, the life span is something like max 18 years or so.

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  • Fran - 2019-01-20
    Well, Thomas,
    My female tomato clown turned 22 last week! I guess we are doing something right!
Fishnerd2000 - 2014-04-08
I'm wondering if anyone knows exactly what fish can go with my two tomato clowns, they are very calm and never hurt any of my other fish I used to have. In fact I used to have a blue devil damsel and an assorted damsel and a black belly trigger and the two tomato clowns and nothing bad happened except my trigger killed the damsels. But nothing else bad happened. To this day I have the two tomato clowns, a snowflake eel probably about 9-10in long, and an African Red Starfish and my clowns swim next to my eel lots of time during feeding time and during the day. Thanks.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2014-04-12
    These clownfish are rather territorial and can be aggressive (especially if there is an anemone present - which you say there is not so that wouldn't apply to you). They actually get along with most other marine fish except other species of clownfish. Don't add any other species of clowns or they will most likely fight! Also, make sure that you don't put fish in that are big enough to eat your clowns either! You could try angelfish, wrasses, tangs, or many other types. Do not add dottybacks however.
  • Fishnerd2000 - 2014-04-13
    Ok thanks.
  • Fishnerd2000 - 2014-04-23
    How about damsels or bangii or pajama cardinal fish and to this day I recently added a coral beauty and for some reason my tomatos are relatively peaceful.
paul richards - 2009-12-23
This fish should be introduced last beacause of its territorial and aggressive behavior. Moving the live rock or decorations around once a month or so also helps prevent too much aggression and territorial outbursts torward other fish. It is an extremely robust fish.
They also are very hardy. just don't put them with passive fish.

cory - 2005-10-10
This fish is very territorial. Frequently found attacking any fish regardless of size. This fish will stress out all other fish. Its so bold that it will attack the owners hand that goes near its "spot". For this reason, I recommend a tank that is longer. This way other fish have less of a chance of going by its "spot" and getting attacked by it.

They like caves and do fine without a sea anemone.

Rodrigo - 2005-06-09
This is a great fish and is one of the easiest clown fish. I bought it when I was initiated into the marine fish tanks. I really recommend this clown fish to all types of marine hobbyists.