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Jose Burgos-Polo - 2020-10-26
I found in my porch a small, hurt what I believe is a Cagle's turtle. I been caring for it and actually got very active after about 2 weeks swimming and playing with another softshell that I also fostered. Recently I placed some feeding fish for them to eat but they were scared of them and I decided to take the fish out. For some reason the once active little turtle now wants to spend the day in the floating desk under the UV and warming lights and not wanting to swim that much anymore and won't even care to go for the mealworms I feed them. It will let me handle it and pet it but one O place it back in the floating log it jumps in the water for about 2-3 minutes before going back into the dry log and lights...Is that a normal behavior of these little guys? Thank you

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Richard - 2020-06-24
I am interested in acquiring a couple of adult female Florida Box turtles if anyone has any available. Please respond via email if you have any you would like to part with. Thanks, Richard

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Susan - 2020-05-30
I have had a red eared slider now for 20 years. My dog found him on a walk and carried him home. He was about the size of a quarter. Tort is quite a picky eater. He will only eat his one type of pellets. When I run out and give him a different type, he will just swim away and not eat it. He is about 9 inches long now. We take him for walks in the yard and I now know why the hare lost the race. Tort can move fast when he has a goal. He is very easy to take care of. Spends most of the time in the water but he loves to bask on his rocks.

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Monica - 2017-06-11
Box turtle for sale male I think

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  • David Salas - 2020-05-01
    I am interested in buying
Kimie Vitela - 2011-03-24
Anyone want to buy a three toed box turtle I have 2, 1 boy and 1 girl.

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  • S. Crochet - 2011-04-14
    Do you still have the box turtles? How old are they? How much do you want for them?
  • Sally - 2011-05-19
    Interested in purchasing them if still available. Thanks! Sally
  • Gina Johnson - 2011-05-27
    I would love to buy one! Please email me if available:) thx Kimie!
  • teri kelly - 2011-07-29
    I am interested in the male. Is it still available? How much are you asking? email me at
    thank you
  • manny - 2011-08-27
    How much?
  • mike - 2012-02-04
    do you still have turtles and how much
  • joann - 2012-02-22
    I have 2 females and I am looking for another female and male, so this is perfect. Are they still available?
  • rose - 2012-06-08
    If you still have any box turtles, probably not, then I am interested. Thanks, Rose,
  • Anonymous - 2014-09-05
    Do you still breed the three toed turtles
  • erica - 2014-09-09
    pls email me or call me on am desperate to find a female three toed for my 'Oscar' thank you 773-490-4669
  • Josh - 2015-01-04
    I need a female ASAP! Please respond
  • jimmy perry - 2016-03-09
    Yes do you still have them
  • David Salas - 2020-05-01
    I'm interested is he still available?
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Scott - 2019-10-29
Looking for young mata mata turtle

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Rocco - 2019-06-19
Looking for fly river turtles. US

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  • trueman - 2019-07-12
    I have two size classes. 1.5 years at $1850 each (only have a couple left), I also have several 8 month old juvies. These are $1850 each, or $1650 each for two, or $1500 each for 3 or more. They are all strong and feeding well. I have done the hard work and got them through the delicate stages. They are the ultimate freshwater turtle and these are the only juveniles I know of available in Australia. Breeding is not consistent and availability scarce. Can ship to virtually anywhere in Australia, free shipping for more than 1 turtle.
    contact (
Lamar Johnson - 2018-11-07
I would love to have a Pig Nose Turtle/Fly River Turtle if anyone can find me one.

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  • Rocco - 2019-06-19
    How can I contact you? I'm interested in your fly river turtle.
  • Anonymous - 2019-03-24
    I have one i willing to sell it . Its about 40 cm
  • G3 - 2019-04-06
    How much are you asking for your Fly River? Plus shipping? Interested.
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Jino - 2019-04-25
I am looking for a (breeding age) female Florida Box Turtle. Please contact me through my email if you can help. Thanks, Jino

norma - 2015-05-27
Hello,i live in Tampa Fl,and looking for a adult male,florida box turtle,i already own a female...Please help

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  • Kathy - 2015-10-15
    Hi "norma"
    We have had our sole box turtle for over 18 years. He is a beautiful male specimen indoor kept free of parasitesas far as we can tell. We have been largely keeping him on a "salad" type diet as we are mainly vegetarians ourselves (my hubby is the occasional meat eater). If you wish, reply to my email and I will send you some pics. We named him Ariel. Thanks for posting, Kathy
  • Anonymous - 2016-02-21
    I live in Arcadia Florida, and have plenty of male, and female box tortoises.
    I've been breeding them for about 25 years. I have it down to a science.
    If you want a male I could probably give you one as long as it will be taken care of properly. Call or text David at 863-473-1697.
    I do sell the babies each year. I usually hatch out about 75- 100. I will have babies starting in May, and they continue to hatch through November.
    I will say no more, but you have my number. ๐Ÿข Man
  • Kathy allen - 2016-09-03
    I have two very healthy female Florida box turtles we brought home from port orang Florida from a family member,loves there worm every morning, but they really do not like greens, and gotten live golden goldfish have eaten one of those,have red up on them would love to get. A heathy male Florida box turtle turtle they have a nice are with several water dishes and flower pet to get into and several Pandora for shade along with a tarp to cover them ,how can I get a male from you and how much?
  • - 2017-07-14
    hello everyone, this to the person who breeds box turtles, if you are possibly still there and still have some you are willing to part with - please text me or call me at 805-410-2047, I would really like a florida box turtle pair :) thank you :)
  • Mike jones - 2017-09-26
    I have florida babies from this summer.2017
  • Barbie Olson - 2018-10-24
    Hi everyone.. I have had 2 male box turtles for 10years .. (actually rescued from a bad environment,). This past Sunday someone went into my back yard and stole both of my babies!!! I am heart broken to say The least. . .. not too many people even knew about my turtles, SO please BEWARE and donโ€™t share too much info with people around you.. who knows why, just evil people.. so worried for them in a strange environment ๐Ÿ˜‚. I AM LOOKING FOR HOPEFULLY A MALE & FEMALE? Text or call 727-422-6262

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